Doug Bosse

Robins School of Business, University of Richmond
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Robins School of Business, University of Richmond

Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Research Interests: Business and corporate strategy, entrepreneurship, new venture creation and growth, strategy consulting, value creation in interfirm relationships

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Published Work on Stakeholder Theory

(2012) With Harrison, J.S. How much is too much? The limits to generous treatment of stakeholders. Business Horizons, Volume 56, Issue 3, May–June 2013, ppg. 313–322.

(2011) With Harrison, J.S. Stakeholders, entrepreneurial rent, and bounded self interest. In R. Phillips (ed.), Stakeholder Theory: Impact and Prospects. Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, UK: 193-211.

(2010) With Harrison, J.S. & Phillips, R.A. Managing for stakeholders, stakeholder utility functions, and competitive advantage. Strategic Management Journal, 31: 58-74.

(2009) With Harrison, Jeffrey S. Entrepreneurial Uncertainty: What Do Stakeholders Look For? (Summary). Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research: Vol. 29: Iss. 7, Article 4.

(2007) With Harrison, J. & Phillips, R.  Stakeholder theory and competitive advantage. In George T. Solomon (Ed.), Best Paper Proceedings of the Academy of Management (CD), ISSN 1543-8643.