Andrew C. Wicks

Darden Graduate School of Business, University of Virginia
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“As a manager, think about actively managing not just to avoid disaster but to create an environment where people cooperate and act responsibly together.”


Darden Graduate School of Business
Ruffin Professor of Business Administration at Darden
Director of the Olsson Center for Applied Ethics
Academic advisor for the Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics
Adjunct professor in the Religious Studies department and the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy at U.Va.

Research Interests: Stakeholder responsibility, stakeholder theory, trust, health care ethics, total quality management and ethics, entrepreneurship.

First published on the Stakeholder Theory in 1994 with A Feminist Re-Interpretation of The Stakeholder Concept. Business Ethics Quarterly.

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Published Work on Stakeholder Theory

(2013) With Jeffrey Harrison. Stakeholder Theory, Value and Firm Performance. Business Ethics Quarterly Vol. 23 (1: 2013): 97–124.

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(2007) With Ed Freeman & Jeffrey Harrison. Managing for Stakeholders: Survival, Reputation, and Success, a Caravan book.

(2007) With Jerry Goodstein. Corporate and Stakeholder Responsibility: Making Business Ethics a Two-Way Conversation. Business Ethics Quarterly, Vol. 17 (3: 2007): 375–398.

(2004) With Ed Freeman & Bidhan Parmar, Stakeholder Theory and the “corporate objective revisited,” Organization Science, Volume 15 Issue 3, May–June 2004, pp. 364–369.

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(2003) With Robert Phillips & Ed Freeman. What Stakeholder Theory is NOT. Business Ethics Quarterly,Vol. 13 (4: 2003): 479–502.

 (2002) With Heather Elms and Shawn Berman. Ethics and Incentives: An Inductive Development of Stakeholder Theory in the Health Care Industry. Business Ethics Quarterly, Vol. 12 (4: 2002): 413–432 (Heather Elms, Shawn Berman, and Wicks).

Andy Wicks Speaking on Stakeholder Theory